How to Beat the Casino in Baccarat


In Las Vegas, baccarat is allowed in all casinos. Originally from Cuba, this game has now made its way to casinos throughout the United States. With three possible outcomes per hand, baccarat has become a favorite among high rollers. However, this game is not for the faint of heart. If you are a new player, it might not be the best game to start with, but if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and effort, you can easily beat the casino in baccarat.

The game consists of two hands. The dealer draws four cards from a shoe. The first and third cards are the Player hand; the second and fourth are the Banker hand. The cards in both hands retain their faces. The face cards, tens, and queens have zero-valued “pips.” As a result, baccarat hands have values from 0 to 9 inclusive. The higher-valued hand wins. If the value of both the player and the banker hand are the same, the player hand stands. If the first two cards total less than six, the player hand must draw one card.

If the player’s hand totals six or seven, the banker stands. The Player must stop on the 6 if the dealer also has a six. In some games, a commission is paid on the player’s winnings. Unlike some casino games, baccarat has no’shoots’ and a 1.2 percent house advantage. A player who wins with a six or a seven is called a ‘natural’.

When betting on baccarat, the casino will provide a scorecard or pencil for tracking your bets. This way, you can use the trend information to make the right bet. During a hot streak, a gambler might choose to make a banker bet. However, this may drain his bank account. Therefore, it is best to avoid betting on a tie. This way, you will be able to bet on the winner and still be a winner in the game.

While baccarat has no loser, it does have a tie. For example, a player with an eight or nine-card hand is considered a natural, or a tie. If the other player’s hand has the same value, the tie is considered a “natural” and further cards are drawn to determine a winner. It is possible to learn baccarat through trial and error, but the effort involved is far more than most people are willing to spend.

Another common baccarat trend involves recognizing trends. These are patterns that appear while you play. These patterns are determined by experienced players after analyzing previous games. Experienced players usually write down their results and devise a strategy based on this information. Playing baccarat with a trend can be both challenging and rewarding. There are certain betting trends that can help you win more often. The zigzag trend, for instance, means that the outcome of a round of baccarat is zigzagged. This indicates that the player has a better chance than the bank.

Winning player hand bets have a 1 to 1 payout. Winning bank hand bets require 5% commission. This reduces the payout odds to 19-20. Similarly, winning tie bets have a 8-to-1 payout. Winning banker bets require dropping the first digit of the hand. Obviously, only a crazy gambler would ever make a Tie bet. While it may seem tempting, the best strategy for baccarat is one that focuses on the house’s edge.